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Calypso by David Sedaris

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Summary: David Sedaris sees the world through a different lens (whether cracked or smudge-free is up to the reader). In this book, he brings his readers into his quirky world, mind, and life.

Review: I have heard of David Sedaris before, but never had the privilege of reading one of his books (for certainly it is a privilege). His style is light, witty, a little off-balance, and honest. Even when he broaches dark topics like suicide, it is through a non-patronizing, but uplifting jaunt.

The stories he tells about his relationship and his family are relatable to anyone who has thought, "my family is weird." The Sedarises definitely emphasize the fun in dysfunction.

It was heart-warming and funny, although I will admit that I did not literally laugh out loud as critics suggested I would. However, I do believe there was a smile on my face throughout.

The only reason I can think of that someone might not like this book is if they hate anything humorous or they are a Republican (maybe both). David certainly has his liberal views planted in these pages (I mean it is a book about him), but the stories are great whether you agree with them or not.

Overall, I loved it and plan to order more of his works.


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