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The Insatiables by Brittany Terwilliger

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Summary: Halley Faust is determined to climb the corporate ladder. But, at what cost?

{Free book alert! Thank you Amberjack Publishing and Brittany Terwilliger for the ARC.}

Review: Let's face it, work sucks! Whether you work in corporate or the non-profit sector, it blows. Yet every time we get a new job or new position we tell ourselves that this one will be better! But, after a few weeks we realize there's still going to be the Janet who takes credit for your work, Mark who tries to get you in trouble for every slip, and the boss who will ignore your ideas but proclaim them as brilliant when someone else repeats you verbatim. (Not that any of this is coming from experience...) The Insatiables is a perfect narration of the struggles of work life.

Halley's struggles and choices were all too relatable. The more and more she fights for her dream job and life, the more it seems to slip through her fingers. Even the perfect man doesn't seem so perfect after a while. (Just like when you start dating someone and think they're the one until they eat a burrito and start letting 'em rip.)

The characters were interesting and most were complete assholes...in a good way. The upper-level co-workers showed such entitlement that I could practically feel their disdain. (And the fabric of their power suits.) They constantly treat Halley as a doormat but tell her that she is lucky for the opportunity.

Even the plot drew me in and kept me turning page after page. It continued to build, as Halley's ambition grew, mishap after mishap. Halley's journey to discovering what she really wants is not like a fairy tale, but who really wants happily ever afters?

Overall, it was as refreshing as a cup of coffee in the morning. I enjoyed every minute of it.


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