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Shakespeare Undead by Lori Handeland

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Summary: In 1592 London, William Shakespeare is not only a playwright and actor but also a vampire and zombie killer. When a hoard of undead start to rise across London, it is up to him and the Dark Lady to stop them.

Review: Normally I am for all things Shakespeare. Add an undead twist and what could go wrong? Well, this basically answered that.

I will admit that the action part of the plot was quite good, but the parts with the "Dark Lady" were close to what you would find in a dollar store romance novel section. There were also a few times when the author alluded to Shakespeare secretly being L. Frank Baum and George Lucas, which were a bit too much.

Honestly, if it wouldn't have been for all the vampire erotica, it would have been a good book. I'm just grateful that the words "throbbing" and "member" were never used in the same sentence (because how could a creature "throb" without blood flow?).


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