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Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Summary: Sarah and Eddie spend "seven perfect days" together before Eddie, in an unexpected move, ghosts. What Sarah doesn't expect is why and what happens after they both try to move on.

Review: Okay, let me start by saying that romance is just not usually my genre. Perhaps I'm jaded from the day I discovered that Disney is full of lies. (My tower got condemned after neither Prince Charming nor the singing animal cleaning/tailor service showed up. Also, according to a research study done by Arendelle University, divorce rates among Disney Princess is the same as with the rest of us shmucks.) However, I picked this for my July Book of the Month selection because of the title.

Honesty moment here...*deep breath*... I've totally ghosted before! (Don't look at me like that!) Although, not in such a dramatic way, or after "seven perfect days." (More like one awkward, sometimes creepy, date.) So, I was curious: What was the reason for ghosting? What happened after that? Did the person who was ghosted move on and find the love of their life, making the person who did the ghosting a hero? Can I stop feeling guilty?

The answer to the last question is a "No," but I was consoled with a fantastic story that, I am confident to say, will land on this year's top 10 reads.

Ghosted is one of those delightful romances that doesn't need the gritty boudoir details to relay the intimacies of the relationship. Walsh introduces the beginnings of the relationship in just enough vignettes before launching you, careening, into the main plot.

Here's a bit of a break down:

Part 1: Eddie ghosts. (Not a spoiler.) At first, I thought the book was heading in the direction of Eddie being like many of one of my exes, aka, a douche. I mean, who says they love someone - after a week! - and then just stops talking and disappears? (My ex at least waited two years to pull that move!) But, then weird things start to happen.

Sarah keeps trying to get in touch with Eddie, long after most Tinder dates give up, which was sweet, if not a little stalker-ish. But, I do have to give her props for not pulling the "well, f*** you, you were fat and ugly anyway" move that so often comes after there's no reply. Instead, she decides to move on and try to be an adult.

Part 2: It turns out Eddie is an undercover MI6 agent! No, not really, but that's where my mind was as I entered the second part. For me, the real secret seemed too believable for a romance novel, therefore, not normal. (Although, maybe it is more common than I think, and I just am that person who jumps from Disney straight to Lifetime.)

Throughout, there were expected and unexpected twists that had me flipping back through pages like, "OH!" And there was suspense! And not just the "will they, won't they" kind.

This second part was definitely a whirlwind that kept me turning the pages long after I should have been asleep.

Part 3: Eddie is British, therefore, not a douche after all.

This review is probably already full of too many personal confessions, but I guess it's too late to turn back now: I bawled. Like, a lot. An obscene amount, really, during this last part. Numerous tissues, nose drippings, emotional support cat going into comfort mode, the whole nine yards. Perhaps this is why I have avoided romance so much; I've become a complete sap over the years.

Anyway, the ending was sweet and perfect. Maybe a little too Disney, but why not? After experiencing the realities of dating and ghosting, it's nice to imagine that it could amount to happiness if we are just honest.

Overall, I absolutely loved every moment of it. As I wrapped up those last few pages through bleary eyes, I felt the opposite way you probably are right now; I didn't want it to end.


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