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#fashionvictim by Amina Akhtar

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Summary: Anya St. Clair faked it until she made it as an editor at a fashion magazine, La Vie. Her bigger goal, though, is to make Sarah Taft her BFF by any means.

Review: #FashionVictim is American Psycho meets Heathers meets Devil Wears Prada.

I am by no means a fashionista. I love sales and clearance racks. If my life depended on telling the difference between a Manolo and a Jimmy Choo, I'd surely be dead. And I have no idea how to wear scarves. How do you make them not look like a noose?

Despite all that, I do enjoy a good story rife with the drama of the fashion world.

#FashionVictim was not anything surprising or groundbreaking, but it was entertaining. At first, I believed it was going to be one of those she thinks she killed them, but it turns out she didn't novels, but (*SPOILER ALERT*) it wasn't. There was indeed a twist, but it is an obvious one. I will try to not give that one away.

Anya was definitely an interesting character with clear psychosis. Her obsessions and tantrums kept you on edge of what she would do next, or who she would kill. And her victims were the perfect level of ignorant.

Akhtar also found the perfect balance when describing gore. It was enough to say "yuck" without the ensuing nightmares of being hunted down in your office building by a knife-wielding maniac who may be personified as a former co-worker that was begrudgingly fired. In fact, her writing style, in general, was spectacular for a first-time author. The dialogue flowed and didn't feel forced or overly crude.

On a deeper note, Akhtar's depiction of Anya killing to get what she wanted was a perfect analogy of the endemic, cut-throat nature of fashion and business, where women are practically forced to be conniving and evil if they want to get ahead. There is a constant struggle raging within the marrow of our bones to create havoc and treachery against those from whom we simultaneously, desperately seek approval. It shows that, until we learn to support one another, we will never feel any sense of equity.

...Or maybe it was about the state of assistance for individuals with mental health issues. Or it was just a fun read about a homicidal maniac.

Overall, it was an absolute delight. I enjoyed every moment of this fashionable thriller!


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