Why Tome Fries?


It's a play on Home Fries. Get it? 'Cause tome means book?... [crickets]... Ah, forget it. 


Who is Bee?


I'm just your average, everyday sane, psycho bibliophile.


In elementary school, I always dominated the Read Across America Challenge. My summers were often spent indoors with my nose pressed between pages. Every morning in the 8th grade, I would actually go to school early to help organize my Reading teacher's classroom library. In high school English class, I was two books ahead of everyone else.


I got into reviewing books eight years ago via LibraryThing, and have finally decided to branch out to the blog world. Then I got bored and decided to try podcasting! That was disappointingly unsatisfying so I have moved on to videos!


My other hope is to one day write my own masterpiece that will shock and awe for generations.



Who is Tomie?


Tomie is one of Bee's imaginary tomefries. They like to hang out, talk about books, and watch old episodes of Doctor Who.


Tomie likes to describe himself as sci-fi mixed with adventure and utopian optimism.



Who is Paige?


Paige is Bee's other imaginary tomefry. They like to drink tea, talk about fictional crushes, and visit used book stores.


Paige likes to describe herself as romance (but not gross erotica) mixed with true crime and historically dramatic.



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